MAVRO is MMM’s conditional currency unit.

The amount of help provided is displayed in MMM’s conditional
currency units — Mavros. For example, if a participant provides
help for USD 1,000, Mavro-USD 1,000 is accrued on their account.

Types of Mavro:

30% — Classic Mavro.
The growth rate is 30% per month.

50% — Special first contribution Mavro.
The growth rate is 50% per month. Special Mavro are available
only for new participants and with new Bank or Bitcoin account

Mavro-EXTRA growth rate is from 20% to 100% a month.
It depends on the number of special tasks you perform
during a month.

Mavro can be exchanged for real money at any time. A certain
percent is added to your amount in Mavro on a daily basis.